Center Mid Passing Combination 2

This is a great combination passing drill that will help focus on center mid play and playing diagonal balls in the direction they are facing.

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Center Midfield Passing Combination Drill


  1. Set up a grid approximately 20X35 yards. The size of the grid can be adjusted based on the age and skill level of the players.
  2. Place 2 central mid players inside the grid.
  3. The remaining players will split into two even lines on one end of the grid.


  1. Player 1 plays a ball into the first central midfielder (CM1) and starts his run down the sideline.
  2. CM 1 plays a first time ball into Player 2.
  3. Player 2 plays a ball into the 2nd center midfielder (CM2) and starts his run down the sideline towards the cone.
  4. CM 2 lays off a ball to Player 1.
  5. Player 1 plays a diagonal ball into space (near the cone) for the run of Player 2.
  6. Players jog around the outside of the grid back to the starting point.

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  • When players get to the end, using the same group and ball, reverse the same pattern and return to the starting point.

Coaching Points

  • Focus on timing. This means the weight and accuracy of the pass must be precise, the runs must be timed correctly and players should play in 1-touch.
  • Players must get into the rhythm of the game and passes.

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Soccer Drill Titled: Center Mid Passing Combination 2
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Published by: Chris Johnson
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