Lane Spacing and Separation Soccer Game

This soccer game uses lanes to divide the soccer field into three equal areas to teach spacing and separation to young soccer players.

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Lane Spacing and Separation Soccer Game Exercise


  1. Create a grid approximately 40X30 yards.
  2. Set cones around the parameter of the grid and evenly divide the grid into three equal rectangles by aligning two vertical rows of cones approximately 10 yards apart.
  3. Use a pug goal or flags to set up a small goal on each goal line.
  4. Divide the team into groups of four players and assign positions (in the shape of a diamond) one defender in the middle zone, one attacker in the middle zone, one right midfielder in the right zone, and one left midfielder in the left zone.
  5. Attempt to match up equal players in each position for each team.


  1. Play 4v4 and restrict players to their lane (zone).
  2. Players can dribble, pass, receive passes, attack and defend as long as the players remain in their zone.

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  • You can start out 3v3 with one player in each zone for younger players to simplify the game a bit.
  • Limit the number of touches to encourage more passing.

Coaching Points

  • This is a great soccer game to encourage players to spread out the field and teaches positioning and spacing.
  • You can also use this drill to focus on zonal defending or building the attack from the back.
  • The possibilities are limitless and can be used to focus on many aspects of the game.

Equipment Required

  • Disc Cones
  • Scrimmage Pennies/Vests
  • Soccer Practice or Training Balls
  • Training Sticks or Agility Poles

Drill Target Ages

  • U9, U-9, Under 9, 9 and Under
  • U10, U-10, Under 10, 10 and Under
  • U11, U-11, Under 11, 11 and Under
  • U12, U-12, Under 12, 12 and Under
  • U13, U-13, Under 13, 13 and Under
  • U14, U-14, Under 14, 14 and Under
  • U15, U-15, Under 15, 15 and Under
  • U16, U-16, Under 16, 16 and Under

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Soccer Drill Titled: Lane Spacing and Separation Soccer Game
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