Simon Says

This soccer dribbling drill is for U6 and U8 players. This drill focuses on dribbling and keeping close control for quick instructions. Also works on listening skills for the younger player.

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Outline a 20X30 grid with cones. Each of the players need a ball.


Play Simon Says with the team as the players dribble in the grid. If a player does something they are not supposed to, issue them a GOTCHA. See who gets the least number of GOTCHA's. Examples of commands could be: Change direction, stop the ball, stop the ball and put your belly on the ball... etc. Also, try to throw in a trick or two like: kick the ball as far away as you can.

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  • Without ball
  • With ball in hand
  • With ball

Coaching Points

  • Have players do actions like clapping in between their legs and skipping to increase body awareness.
  • Focus on dribbling skills and keeping the ball close and under control.
  • Focus on players listening skills.

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Soccer Drill Titled: Simon Says
Tagged: young soccer drill, U6 soccer drill, u8 soccer drill, dribbling
Published by: Chris Johnson
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